What we do in an NLP session and costs.

>Our initial consultation includes a 1 hour consultation to determine your health concerns and goals, and one treatment session.  We can then make suggestions for future sessions which may include:

SSA Analysis

This is beneficial to determine the effects that unbridled use of electronic screens may have on children and adults. You may want to consider a review session if symptoms include headaches, insomnia, tics, depression, lack of motivation, fatigue, isolationist behavior, rage, lack of social interaction, meltdowns over minor frustrations, ADHD, defiant behavior.

We understand how dependent we all are on our electronics, but if your work or school performance is suffering or if you have symptoms that doctors claim are psychosomatic, then maybe a consult would be appropriate. We prefer to do these in person. A one hour session plus the handout of studies on the biological effects of RF and microwaves on the brain will be part of the initial fee.

Subconscious reframing

*For Phobias such as fear of flying. An initial two hour session to work on relieving your fear through getting to the root of your anxiety. Further sessions are explained on the “Anxiety-free traveling” page.

*For dieters or health concerns: A one hour session to determine triggers for your food cravings. We then give you one NLP session to help begin reprogramming your subconscious. If you have a specific symptom we can suggest a session with our nutritionist to do further testing.

*For addictions (smoking, food, alcohol): Our initial consultation of 1/2 hour discussion and 1 NLP session (total 75 minutes). Additional sessions may be necessary.

*For emotional issues: Our initial consultation of 1/2 hour discussion and 1 NLP session.(total 75 minutes)  We then can schedule 2 more NLP sessions to reinforce the new subconscious patterns and set up a coaching schedule to help you stay on track with your new lifestyle.

The subconscious re-patterning is called NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP). In an NLP session we help you to relax and talk with you a bit to get a sense of what you would like to work on. You can tell us as much or as little as you’d like. Some techniques work without us knowing at all what you are focusing on. You are not hypnotized.

At the end of the session should we feel it is necessary, we will offer you a visual exercise to take with you to practice on your own to reinforce the technique. Remember, what the subconscious “sees” over and over again becomes its new reality. 

We advise a minimum of 3 sessions to reprogram effectively. 

Cost for the initial consultation and session one is  $95 .  Session two is $75 .  Subsequent NLP sessions are $50 ea. with coaching sessions at $25 over phone, skype or email. If you book the initial plus 2 sessions at the onset, the total fee is $199.

Individual Skype sessions $83/hour for cognitive fitness training. Discounts available for seniors, those with gym memberships or members of sports teams – ask us.

Creditcards accepted. Sliding scale for seniors on fixed income or for low income persons.

We also offer meditation classes that can help you to relax.

At the beginning of the session we offer you purified water with our aura-enhancing broad spectrum trace mineral concentrate to support your brain in its 10-20 minute journey.


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