Causes for Fear of Flying

NINACKPITcrop  Air transport operations resulted in a global fatal accident rate of just one in 5 million flights last year 2015), the lowest figure on record. And everyone tells you it is safer than driving. So why are you still hesitant to get on that airplane?

Fear is a phobia and they are real with symptoms ranging from a racing heart to sweating, difficulty breathing and a unnerving desire to run away to a safe place. I know, I’ve had them!

I am a retired jet pilot and I had panic attacks in the airplane – not cool! I also am a subconscious reframing practitioner which can help get to the core of the fear. I  took specific supplements, practiced deep breathing and meditation and found out that chocolate triggered the night panic attacks. Mine finally went away! Everyone is different which is why I started the Anxiety-Free Flying program. This is not a group workshop because the fear is specific to each person. We do educate you about noise on airplanes to help you understand that the wings are not about to depart, and we even can take you to the airport to touch and feel little planes. But our big concentration is to analyze why you get panic attacks. Is it a food sensitivity? Is it part of menopause: Is it a lowering of dopamine (the feel good neurotransmitter)? Is it low blood sugar and a sudden surge of adrenaline?  Is it something in your past that lodged in your subconscious that triggers you big desire to get out of that tin can at 35,000 feet.

Let’s see if we can help you get rid of the cause… not just mentally control the panic. I hold certifications in Neurolinguistic programming, ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition, Reiki and an Airline Transport Pilot certification. Mostly we work out of Berkshire County MA, but can do Skype sessions although treatment is better in person.