Pulsed Electromagnetic Energy Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy:

PEMT has the following positive effects on the body using the PEMF modulator device: 

  • Improved micro-circulation
  • Increased supply of oxygen, ions and nutrients to cells
  • Increased partial oxygen pressure
  • Increased ATP production by excitation of electrons
  • Stimulation of DNA and RNA production
  • Accelerated protein bio-synthesis by electron and energy transfer
  • Anti-oxidation regulation with increased circulation of available electrons
  • Increased calcium transport and absorption for stronger bones, joints and muscles
  • Enhanced cellular tissue elasticity with increased collagen production
  • Stimulation of cellular repair mechanism
  • Accelerated detoxification of cells and organs
  • Decreased swelling, inflammation and pain
  • Boost to the immune system
  • Supports the body’s internal self-regulating mechanisms by activating cellular and molecular processes
  • Stimulates the release of endorphins.

*see testimonials scroll down

Our bodies operated on electric power so to speak. Each organ and each illness contains specific frequencies. When these frequencies are disrupted the body can’t function as it is meant to. A non-invasive and relaxing session can help reset your body to maintain wellness.Pulsed Electromagnetic Energy Therapy uses PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) devices to help as an addition to healing modalities such as chiropractic, acupuncture, meditation, massage and reiki to restore your body’s sense of peace and tranquility that helps you stay strong and vibrant. You can sit and read, lay on a table and get a Reiki treatment at the same time or just chat during these non-invasive sessions.

There is validity in treating the body as an electric being with each cell being its own little energy producer as if it were a little battery. Like with any battery, sometimes your cells become tired and worn, whether due to age, stress, overuse, or damage, making it more difficult for them to fight off any type of potentially damaging force or illness. Through PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy, your batteries (i.e. your cells) essentially become recharged. This makes it easier for your body to restore its health naturally, simply by using the electrical currents and impulses that are already interacting within and throughout their cells. In essence, PEMF is like a “battery re-charger” for your depleted cells.

For those who walk around barefoot all summer, the PEMF created by the earth recharges us. But shoes are the norm for us most of the time preventing these recharging frequencies from getting to our bodies. For the last century there have been great strides in recreating these earth generating fields with machines that can provide the frequencies necessary to charge up our cells. Utilizing low frequency electromagnetic fields generated from a device, even the weakest strengths pass right through the body in a safe manner, penetrating every cell, tissue, organ and even bone without being absorbed or altered. As these pulsating electromagnetic fields pass through the body, they stimulate most of the electrical and chemical processes in the tissues, thus improving cell metabolism, regeneration abilities, and contributing to improved repair of tissue. Because cells and organs are electrical in nature, there are many biological interactions that occur at the cellular level when the pulsed electromagnetic field emanates from a frequency device. It is understood when such an instrument is running on any frequency, the body takes on an electrostatic charge. This process raises the electrical voltage of the cells, which excites the cells in the body and enables them to communicate with each other more effectively. This enhanced communication in turn, assists the body in becoming more balanced – working towards homeostasis. In other words, frequency devices are tools that support the body in its repair process.

Free phone consultation 413-229-9042

Sessions: Depending on protocol you may need initially 3 sessions the first week for general wellness and detox (1.30 hr/session). The second week we can start on specific conditions for example knee pain (1: 30) 2-3 times/week or less if results are obtained. Back pain (1:30), Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue MCS (1:30) 2-3 times/week. Stress reduction/ depression (1:30) as needed. Lyme protocol (after your initial medical treatment) as per individual case based on co-infections, etc.

You can bring a book so you don’t get bored or we can couple the treatment with an NLP session tailored to your issue! Electronics are not permitted because the EMFs from electronics interfere with the healing process. We can schedule evenings if you work during the day.

Sessions are charged at $30/hr based on a minimum of 9 hours for a two week protocol paid in advance. For later individual sessions they are charged at $40 per hour.

Call for consult (Sheffield, MA) 413-229-9042

From users and other practitioners:

I am a therapist and have been using the PEMF device for several years. My clients love the PEMF machine. Once I had pulled a muscle in my groin. I woke up in the middle of the night. The pain was unbelievable! I used the PEMF and the pain was relieved! I was so happy.
Source: Lisa J. FL USA, April 26, 2018

John and his wife have been using PEMF device therapy for a long time. He is extremely happy. he has mainly been using it for Osteo-Arthritis and pain with great success. His wife, who is 80, had calcium deposits showing up on X-rays in the past. On a recent X-ray no more calcification showing. Gone! They do both get a lot of relief from the “old-age” pains and aches he says, using the pain protocol. Source: John H. FL. USA, April 24, 2018

One woman has had chronic back pain since 1995 and after running the Pain [protocol], and Nerve Pain[protocol] three times, she was totally pain free. Her husband’s knees stopped hurting for the first time in over ten years with the PEMF device.The Pain protocols brought the quickest results and there were five women and two men who left with a smile, because their pain was either gone, or nearly gone. Source: Tom L., USA

The device really helps with general things like pain relief from Arthritis. I have Lyme disease and have been under treatment for parasites and Lyme co infections.I suffered from brain fog. I feel that this device has greatly contributed to the improvement in my ability to concentrate. I have much improved clarity of thought! I suffered from fatigue, and now I have much improved energy! Source: Mary P.,  April 10, 2018

I have lots of great results to share. I have been doing between 5-7 patients on the PEMF everyday with various issues and have great results to share.
Firstly, I have a patient with a head injury that occurred 5-6 weeks ago. She has had a previous car accident in 2013 which also resulted in a head and neck injury with fractured vertebra in her neck and again 5-6 weeks ago she had a bike accident and has again fractured the vertebrae in her neck and a blood clot in the back of her head has formed. She spent a few weeks in hospital and and has had various CT scans of her head and neck. She came to me 2 weeks ago after being discharged. She was suffering from immense pain and vertigo which has made it very difficult for her to function normally. I ran the trauma bank 11 along side the lymphatic drainage and pain bank. After the 3rd session her vertigo went away and emotionally she was coping better with the trauma of the accident. We have continued to run those banks up until Friday and next week plan to run bank 13 ENH muscles and bones and bank 14A ENH Healing and regen. Her pain has also improved. I have 3 Lyme patients that have been coming for many weeks and they all report a dramatic improvement in their symptoms. Each of them different.Source: Jennifer S.,  Australia

I use thePEMF for fibromyalgia, co- infections, two Lyme banks, and have even used some of the cancer banks, as they have frequencies that often have hit some of the bacteria of Lyme. I definitely saw a massive change in my health once I started to use the machine and so did my daughter. I felt safe using it as it was a properly researched and monitored piece of equipment that has a medical classification. The herxes at the beginning were pretty strong and I learnt to monitor the use and quickly learned that you must detox and use it as an integrative therapy, along with good nutrition and extensive detox, to get the best results from it. It is so effective at killing the bacteria that you have to be aware to detox the lymph, to ensure the toxins are not left floating around the body, or this can make you feel so much worse. I still use the machine to fight co-infections and am currently running the program, which treats Babesia, Bartonella and Chlamydia Pneumonaie and Rickettsia and Rocky Mountain Fever. I don’t have all of them, as far as I know, but what the hell! As long as you run it could be killing something, so always better to be safe than sorry, as it is so hard to identify all of the co-infections of Lyme. I do know I have Babesia and I have rid myself of Bartonella using the PEMFmachine. That was major, as it was so bad I could hardly walk some days, due to the incredible pain in my feet from the Bartonella. I use other herbal protocols as an integrative process at the moment to give myself some extra power to fight, as the co-infections can be very stealthy, but it does seem to be working now. Source: Lorraine S.,UK

The Macular Degeneration and Cataracts in both of my eyes started to make things in my life very difficult. My vision became blurry and everything looked broken up. It was as if I was looking through shattered glass. I found that I was not able to drive or even read. I had to give up my job. Within a month and a half of using the PEMF device and taking supplements my vision has improved and I can read and drive again!
Source: Victoria F. UT, USA, May 01, 2018

This unit has the ability to help my people far more effectively and at a very timely moment. I am concentrating on primarily Cancer, Lyme, Lung, Vision, and Infection issues, but Pain and other conditions are accepted if I have the vacancies.Source: Tom L., Serial, LA, USA, March 5, 2018

I thank God for PEMF. It is a miracle. It has helped my vision—even one session made a big difference! It has helped me overcome candida, sinus congestion, and headaches. Source: Judith P., VT, USA

One day G. told me that our nephew L. had Multiple Sclerosis since March 2001. He had to stop working; he was so weak. I called his mother (my sister) and explained what the device was. She told me that she would ask L. if he would like to try. Why not? L. decided to call me. He wanted to come and try. For the first trip, his wife had to come; he was too weak to drive alone. We began with bank 15 (Multiple sclerosis) for one week, then bank 16 for three days and bank 17 for five days. He came back once or twice a week. After 12-15 days, he told me that he was at least 60% better! Before L. came here, he tried to cut a tree down. After three chops with an axe he had to go lie down. After three days of exposure, he cut the tree and did not lie down. His doctor was surprised and told L. to begin to work around the house if he can and now L. can. (His doctor doesn’t know about the device).  When in front of the device, he can always feel a tingle on the left side of his head. His problems are on the left side of his neck. L. is 35 years old. He told me he was feeling much better.  “ I don’t know why, but it works!” Good results! Source: Bernard D.

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