Personal Environment Assessment


  • Confused about the what’s causing your health symptoms?
  • Do you have headaches, allergies, fatigue, anxiety, depression, Insomnia?
  • Are your kids experiencing lethargy, brain fog, ADD, hyperactivity, concentration difficulties?
  • >Could it be caused by an indoor environmental toxin from your building or decorating materials?
  • >Could it be caused by unseen electromagnetic fields?
  • >Could it be caused by something in your yard?
  • >Could it be caused by something in your water?
  • >Could it be caused by what’s in your pantry or under your sink?

Our comprehensive assessment of your personal living environment may offer some answers. We discuss your goals, examine your surroundings, test with our EMF equipment, offer solutions and recommend further testing if needed.

Inspection includes: Symptom review; Measurement of electromagnetic fields; Analysis of building and decorating materials; Review of under-sink items in the house; Mold and indoor air review; Analysis of water sources; Discussion of yard chemical applications; Analysis of electromagnetic fields with our special meter.

Pricing (prepayment required by creditcard, cash or check):

$199 for travel withing 15 miles of Great Barrington, MA. Additional mileage charge beyond 15 miles.

 Call to set up appointment 413-229-9042  Free phone consultation.

Nina Anderson is a Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition, Neurolinguistic Practitioner, Reiki II and has written the book “Your Health and Your House”. She has been a non-toxic building contractor off and on for 20 years.





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