Cost of Pulsed Electromagnetic Energy Therapy

Sessions: Depending on protocol you may need initially 3 sessions the first week for general wellness and detox (1.30 hr/session). The second week we can start on specific conditions for example knee pain (1: 30) 2-3 times/week or less if results are obtained. Back pain (1:30), Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue MCS (1:30) 2-3 times/week. Stress reduction/ depression (1:30) as needed. Lyme protocol (after your initial medical treatment) as per individual case based on co-infections, etc.

You can bring a book so you don’t get bored! Electronics are not permitted because the EMFs interfere with the healing process. We can schedule evenings if you work during the day.

Sessions are charged at $35/hr based on a minimum of 9 hours for a two week protocol paid in advance. For individual sessions they are charged at $40 per hour.

Call for consult (Sheffield, MA) 413-229-9042