Additional Services

 Healthy Home Analysis:

See page: Personal Environment Analysis  Click Here

Coaching for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs that have ideas may be confused as to how to get those ideas to market. Is it a book you want to sell, products, online courses? We can help target your direction and coach you towards Internet marketing success, publishing your book, how to deliver good content on radio and more. $100/hr

Call to discuss your project.  888-217-7233


 Reiki for Energy Field Disturbance :

Energy Field Disturbance is defined as a disruption of th eflow of energy surrounding a person’s being which results in disharmony of the body, mind and/or spirit. Defining characteristics of EFD are- temperature change (warmth and coolness), visual change (image/color), disruption of the field, (Vacant, hold, spike bulge, movement (wave, tingling, dense, flowing), and sounds (tones/words). Nina is a level II Reiki practitioner who also has also been trained in psychic perception. Reiki can relax, rejuvenate and allow for peace within the body allowing neural connections to energize and provide better connection to the body’s functionality.


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